Recapping the 2017 MLB Playoffs

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This was a tremendous MLB playoff run, capped by what was, without a doubt, the most exciting world series in over a decade. It’s hard to imagine a better stretch of baseball, and fans around the world were clearly captivated as we witnessed some of the highest TV ratings the sport has ever seen. Perhaps the most impressive numbers in terms of ratings were just how large the margin was over the most popular programs on TV…  NFL Sunday and Monday night games.

The entire 2017 MLB playoffs was capped off by an unreal world series… one where we saw massive leads come and go on a nightly basis. Runs galore, home runs galore, and a show that will have a lasting impact on the sport. A sport that desperately needed a facelift and an injection of energy.

The major storyline for the 2017 MLB season had to be the youth movement. Take a look at the major award winners from this past season: first time winners at both MVP spots with rookies receiving votes in both leagues. The Yankees best player was a rookie that smashed the rookie home run record, with over 50 long balls.

This was a season, and postseason, that set baseball up to find success for years to come.


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